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1. This group is for fans of Legend of queen opala games.

2. Any LOQO related art is welcome here !!! Go for it and submit it (though, it is not our first preference). Please submit into the proper folder. If it does not excite - please note the admins.

3. This group contain mature content. If you think you can't stand the sight of mature content fan art or don't like the idea - please don't join.

4. Don't be rude! don't fight with other group members and don't offend anyone in the group! we are peaceful group and we want to stay like that.

5. All kinds of art are welcome.

6. All content in the group should be according to the DA policy. please remember that pornographic imagery is not allowed by DA - unless you add a censor bar to the image. The group will NOT allow any content that is forbidden on DA!

7. The art must be yours! Do not a copy of existing one! (it also means that if you copied a drawing by looking at one, you still can't submit it here. it is still copy, You can use bases in your art-work).


Good game overall, rather liked it, good hidden stuff, gets a bit... empty towards the end though.

Major complaints:
1) Oh sweet prevert god, Y U get so hard!?!? The difficulty before was manageable, a few fights were interesting, a few boring, but most could not be just burned through without grinding, but after getting to Thebes, the difficulty curve becomes a brick wall. Basic mooks start dealing damage like I would expect a boss, and even with lvl 35 chars, full meteor and ragnarok armor, I still get hit like I am in a boss fight. And the enemies have way too much health and defenses, making every fight a drag out match. The Master Hen'Tais are the worst offenders, especially the vs 5 match where they one shot your party out the gate.

2) Really hard to figure out what you have to do at points to advance the plot, like finding Osira after Thebes. Yes it says talk in 1 of 2 two cities, but that is all you have to run on. Or am I the only one that failed to see and ask the quest advancer immediately?

3) Really needs to be a merchant for the secondary materials for forging, like granite, marble, and ceramic. ESPECIALLY ceramic. The Neverus soldiers are the only source of it, and they are just annoying to try and farm.

Other than that though, great game, figure I just have to keep plugging away and grinding myself stupid(er) until the gold edition comes out.
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Group Info

This group is dedicated to all fans of Swegabe's hentai game The Legend of Queen Opala.
Founded 1 Year ago
Jun 6, 2012


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Fan Club

59 Members
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Gabe says she is aiming to have the game finished by end of the month Yay!
Mr-Samson Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
wonderful news
Anyone here know how to actially use the birthing system that have now been added? I just cant seem to wrap my head around it  >.<
There's a birthing system in Legend of Queen Opala?
Aha! Never mind, i find out how it works finally.

Hey all!

Voice of Opala here! (seriously)


Great group.

Mr-Samson Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG !!! what an honor, thank you your highness.

You are most welcome good sir.


Thought I would let you guys know I finished recording more lines today and sent them to Gabe, so yay progress!

Mr-Samson Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome !!!
Gotta ask. How did you guys get Latex and the Elf girl on your team? No matter what i do, i cant seem to get them to come with me.
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